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Annapolis Physical Therapy Maryland

Our company provides Physical Therapy in Annapolis Maryland for workers' compensation and private pay clients. If you have been hurt on the job we can help. Our physical therapists team in Annapolis provides personalized rehabilitation care. We examine and evaluate each patient's condition and then administer treatments to improve range of motion, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.

Workers' Compensation Patients Welcome

We welcome all worker's compensation patients from private and public employers. We routinely work with insurance companies, third party administrators, physicians and workers' compensation attorneys. We are happy to assist with any paperwork to make sure that your therapy is authorized and covered.

Federal Workers, Maryland State Employees, Anne Arundel County Employees, Annapolis City Employees All Welcome

We welcome worker's compensation patients from all government and local jurisdictions including:

City of Annapolis
State of Maryland
Anne Arundel County
US Government
Prince George's County
Calvert County
And Many More

Types of Injuries Treated At The Center Annapolis include
(Many Other Injuries Treated As Well):

Back Pain Muscle Strain Joint Pain
Rotator Cuff Frozen Shoulder Supraspinatus Tendinitis
Adhesive Capsulitis Ankle Pain Disc Bulge / Herniation
S/P Surgery To Vertebrae Radiculopathy Spinal Stenosis
Neck Pain Cervical Disc S/P Surgery
S/P Cortisone Injections Leg Pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic Edema/Limb Disuse Head Pain/Headaches Addiction to Pain Meds
Repetitive Strain Injury S/P Arthroscopy Body Pain
Stiffness Shoulder Pain PTSD
Knee Pain Foot Pain Arm Pain & Elbow Pain

Physicians, Administrators, Law Offices & Other Interested Parties

We look forward to assisting you and helping patients in need of these valuable services Please contact us today. We can supply your office with a Referral Kit which includes copies of our easy to use our Quick Referral Form.



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