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Workers' Compensation Maryland

Workers Compensation Maryland Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. What Kinds Of Workers' Compensation Help Can I Get At The Center? 
  2. Who Pays For Services At The Center?
  3. Where Are You Located?
  4. Why Haven’t  I Benefited From Therapy In The Past?
  5. Why Should I Try Therapy At The Center?
  6. Will You Cure My Injury?
  7. How Does This Work With My Doctor's Plan Of Care For Me?
  8. How Do I Set Up An Appointment At The Center?
  9. What Kinds Of Workers' Compensation Information Do I Need To Provide?
  10. My Company Closed Or I Don’t Work There Any More, Can I Get Workers' Compensation Treatment?
  11. What Is The Cancellation Policy?
  12. What Is The Difference Between ACCEPTED And APROVED Workers' Compensation in Maryland?


  1. Accepted Worker's Compensation Case
  2. Accepted Workers Compensation Condition
  3. Approval Process
  4. Approved Treatments
  5. Therapy:
  6. Treating Physician
  7. Attorney

Maryland Workers' Compensation FAQ'S

Workers Comp AnnapolisWhat Kinds Of Workers' Compensation Help Can I Get At The Center? 

Therapies to improve the quality of your life are what we specialize in at The Center Annapolis.  Specific therapy for your body to make you feel less pain, move more easily, do your daily activities with greater ease and help you rest more comfortably. The range of therapy available at The Center Annapolis is complete and treats your whole body, mind and even your ability to rebound from your injury.  There are even methods available to help you reduce the amount of medicine you take, so you can live your life more fully.

Who Pays For Services At The Center?

You will need to go through the APPROVAL PROCESS in order for therapy at The Center Annapolis to begin.  Your workers' compensation insurance company will then be billed at the time of the service. 

Where Are You Located?

We are located in Annapolis on West Street, across from the giant Goodwill Store.  Our address is 1610 West Street,  Suite 201  which is upstairs, nearest West Street.  There is an elevator in the building.  Parking is plentiful and free.

Workers Comp Insurance MarylandWhy Haven’t  I Benefited From Therapy In The Past?

Sometimes an approach is taken in rehabilitation that emphasizes "no pain, no gain". That is too aggressive.  This first approach is taken to aggressively get back what whatever function you have lost.  This kind of treatment often does not take into account the amount or type of trauma that you have gotten from your work related injury.  Insurers and even individuals may not have the patience to slowly rebuild all the parts of you that were affected by your injury. So your experience with therapy in the past may not have been a good fit for you or what your body and mind needed to recover.  Therapy at the Center Annapolis takes into account all the different ways that people need to get better and we work to get you the therapy that you need that is effective, not just what someone else says you need. 

Why Should I Try Therapy At The Center?

Therapy at The Center Annapolis may be very different than the therapy you have had in the past. Therapy at The Center Annapolis is designed around you and your overall special needs as an injured worker.  From the APPROVAL PROCESS to the APPROVED THERAPY, your need for care is primary in everything we do.  There is a whole range of licensed, experienced therapists just waiting to begin the  journey of gently and effectively getting you back to where you need to be.  Workers Compensation Maryland Therapy

Will You Cure My Injury?

To be honest, probably not!  Work related injuries can be very traumatic and the treatment procedures may be as bad as or worse than the original problem alone! Remember that the APPROVED THERAPY that you will get at The Center Annapolis is designed to emphasize the quality of life and your comfort in performing your daily tasks.  The kinds of improvement you get might be very surprising!!

How Does This Work With My Doctor's Plan Of Care For Me?

We must work directly with your Doctor or Nurse's plan of care, complementing the parts of your care that they provide, like your medicines, dosages and procedures. You should know that there are many different approaches to helping alleviate pain and improve your quality of life that work right in conjunction with all of the modern medical treatments.  In fact, the APPROVAL PROCESS we use at The Center requires the participation of your medical staff in the decision making.

How Do I Set Up An Appointment At The Center?

Fill out the appropriate questionnaire and fax or email it to us.  We will do the rest and contact you once  the APPROVAL PROCESS has given us the ok to go ahead and set up therapy appointments for you.

Workers Compensation AnnapolisWhat Kinds Of Workers' Compensation Information Do I Need To Provide?

As much SPECIFIC and UP TO DATE information you have will speed along the APPROVAL PROCESS and get your APPROVED TREATMENTS  ok'd and scheduled.

My Company Closed Or I Don’t Work There Any More, Can I Get Workers' Compensation Treatment?

Yes!! As long as you can give us the information that is needed to qualify status as an ACCEPTED WORKERS COMPENSATION CASE.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

Once therapy has been approved, it is rarely revoked, but once therapy is approved, there is an expiration date on the number of visits you have been given.  Also, future approval of therapy may depend on your attendance and gains made during the approved therapy time.

So it is very important to make your appointments, each and every one.  Great effort will be made to accommodate your specific needs, so full participation is expected.  That being said, Yes-cancellations do occur and there is no fee associated at this time. Additionally, all cancellations will be required to be made up during the approved therapy time allotted.

What Is The Difference Between ACCEPTED And APPROVED Workers' Compensation in Maryland? Workers Compensation Therapy

ACCEPTED means that your work related injury has been covered by your Workers’ Compensation insurer.  That you have a case number, a nurse/case manager/adjustor with phone number or email and a specific date of injury. 

APPROVED means that The Center has successfully been given a specific number of therapy appointments to treat your accepted work related injury.

Workers' Compensation GLOSSARY

ACCEPTED WORKER'S COMPENSATION CASE: indicates that there is an active or open case with an insurance company like IWIF, Liberty Mutual. 
There is a

1) case number like xj43987
2) there is a reachable adjuster or case manager from the insurance company with phone number and/or email
3) there is a date of injury like 6/7/1999

ACCEPTED WORKERS COMPENSATION CONDITION:  indicates that the workers comp insurer will cover treatment of the specific diagnosis or ICD-9 code and or body part.
For instance, If Mr. Jones got hurt in the back but now has pain in the knees, the CONDITION, must cover that body part. Like Sciatica or radiculopathy.

: undefined amount of time where treatment is applied for by The Center and approved by the workers compensation insurer and direction from your Doctor or Nurse. 
The end result of the process will be a set number of approved treatments, within a certain time frame.
For instance Mr. Jones is approved for 12 visits at The Center between 4/1/2010 and 7/1/2010.
Need for future treatment at The Center will be evaluated before the end of the approved treatments by the same process used above.Workers Comp Annapolis

: indicates the pre-approved, set number of visits to The Center for your Accepted Condition. 
For example all 12 sessions should occur at The Center Annapolis (no home visits are covered) between the approved dates.

: indicates sessions with a licensed, experienced therapist at The Center Annapolis, addressing your needs related to your Accepted Condition or Accepted Diagnosis/ICD-9. For example, Mr. Jones will be set up with a therapist from The Center who can meet the specific needs of the accepted condition, diagnosis/ICD-9.
WORKERS COMP ADJUSTER; indicates the specific name and contact information of the person from the Workers Compensation Insurer that can give financial OK for a specific number of treatments.

TREATING PHYSICIAN:the physician in charge of your specific ACCEPTED WORKERS COMPENSATION CONDITION.  This doctor may or may not be your regular doctor.

ATTORNEY: refers to your legal representative/authority in regard to your ACCEPTED WORKERS COMPENSATION CLAIM. Workers Compensation Annapolis


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We are accepting new patients who have ACCEPTED workers compensation case and a case number, administrator or physician for rehabilitation therapy services. To schedule your appointment please contact us at 410-320-8484 or use our 24 Hour Online Contact Form.


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